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Domains Tips
Choosing a Good Domain Name
If you're starting a new web business, you're going to need your own domain name. Your business name will usually BE the domain name (and you probably shouldn't choose a business name without checking first to see if the domain is available for it). But there's more to choosing a good name than just finding one that's available. Here are some tips to choosing a good domain name.

1. Use a .com

While there are a number of other top-level domains (tld's) you can buy domains for, .com is the preferred extension for any business. Some browsers will autocomplete .com, so if someone enters "yourname" in the browser location bar, they'll automatically be sent to
.net is a good second choice, if you can't find an available .com that you like. Most other tld's are not appropriate or too difficult to say (see #3, below).
2. Shorter is Better
It's a lot easier to type (and say) shorter domain names. And if you're giving your domain name to customers, they're going to be annoyed if they have to type a really long name into their browser. It's much easier to type than
Try to stick with names that are 10 letters or less in length (not counting the .com extension).
  3. Be sure you can say the name without having to spell it out for people.

If you meet customers in person, speak to them over the phone, go to trade shows, or otherwise ever have to tell someone your domain name, consider how easy (or difficult) it is to say the name you want to use. Do you have to spell it out for people because the name isn't spelled like it sounds? In particular, names using "ph" (instead of f) or "y" (instead of i) in the name might be problem areas. Similarly, a name like Flickr or Zoomr or any other name where "er" has been replaced with "r" will have to be spelled out, at least until it's become so popular that everyone knows how it's spelled.

Also, while you can use dashes in your domain name, you probably shouldn't, unless you're prepared to register both the dashed and un-dashed versions. (I registered both and for this site.)

  4. Search for your prospective name on Google.
If you want to make it easy for people to find your site, then choose a name that has few existing matches in Google... the fewer the better. That way when people search for your site, yours will come up first in the search results. Whereas if there are already 2.3 million matches for the name you want to use, it's going to be very difficult for people to find you via search.
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